Charcoal Grills


There’s something special about cooking over a real charcoal fire. In recent years the Kamado style charcoal grill has become the most popular type of charcoal grill. Popularized by the original Big Green Egg, Kamado style grills are uniquely shaped to allow the best heat distribution possible.

Another outstanding feature of charcoal Kamado grills is their ability to keep the natural moisture of the food. There is nothing like a thanksgiving turkey cooked on a Kamado grill. Your family always be asking you when you’re doing another turkey (0r another brisket, prime rib, steak, etc, etc.)

The simple heat control system is easy to get the hang of, and you’ll soon look like you’ve been grilling on a Kamado for years.

At Yorkton Fireplaces we carry the original Big Green Egg, along with an amazing selection of charcoal, and accessories.

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Big Green Egg Charcoal Grills @ Yorkton Fireplaces

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